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Non-Monitored Wireless Security Alarms



If you want to protect your home or business without paying for a monthly monitoring service, build your own non-monitored wireless alarm system. Create your own custom system below, then select installed or uninstalled. Begin building your system by choosing the Wireless Starter System package and the additional wireless devices that you need.

Monitored Alarm System

If you prefer to have 24-hour monitoring and professional installation of your alarm system, please call our Office at 202-829-7327. A monitored system empowers you with the support of security professionals who monitor your system and dispatch local police or fire department according to the alarm signal sent by your security system.

In addition, a monitored alarm system enables you to receive 10-20% discount on your insurance premium. Please call our Office at 202-829-7327 to learn how you can enjoy the benefits of a low upfront fee and low monthly monitoring fee, billed quarterly, monthly or annually.

Placing Your Order

ASC's Shopping Cart offers two Checkout options: Google Checkout or ASC Checkout. ASC's Checkout option allows two payment options: PayPal and Credit Card. ASC accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. To pay with your Credit Card, choose CHECKOUT and you will be directed to a secure page for entering your credit card information.




Basic_HoneywellWireless.jpg Wireless Security Starter System
The ASC Starter System includes 2 Door/Window Sensors and one motion detector. Full voice response, Family message center that records and plays back voice messages, Speakerphone operation, Remote phone control, Bidirectional remote provides system status feedback, Wireless, programmable remotes offer single-button system control, Activates lights, appliances, garage doors, and numerous other applications with the touch of a button or at specified times.
Starter System Installed $749.00 $649.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Starter System Uninstalled $499.00 $399.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Technical Support Package
ASC will provide 30 minutes of technical support over the telephone, programming all purchased sensors, and handy installation supplies such as double back tape and mounting screws.
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5816_pr.jpg Wireless Door/Window Sensor
Door/Window sensors provide a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective solution for door and window protection. These devices are powerful and versatile enough to help solve even the toughest, most labor intensive installations. Door-Window Sensors transmit supervisory, tamper and low battery messages. Door/Window sensors use a 3V Lithium battery. The dimensions are 3-1/16" H x 1-9/16" W x 1-3/16" D.
Door/Window Sensor Installed $100.00 $75.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Door/Window Sensor Uninstalled $55.00 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
5819_pr.jpg Wireless Door/Window Shock Sensor
Shock processor and transmitter attributes: - Provides three zones for total protection - Closed loop shock sensing and processing - External contact loop - 2 built-in reed switches for vertical or horizontal mounting - Adjustable pulse count and response sensitivity settings to meet demanding application requirements - Includes replaceable lithium batteries
Door/Window Shock Sensor Installed $150.00 $125.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Door/Window Shock Sensor Uninstalled $90.00 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
5800co_pr.jpg Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, tasteless and highly toxic gas that is produced when fuels such as wood, gasoline, charcoal and oil are burned with insufficient air. The majority of residential and commercial fatalities caused from these fuels come from heating systems, engine powered tools and charcoal grills. Carbon monoxide is harmful when inhaled because it displaces oxygen in the blood and deprives the heart, brain and other vital organs of oxygen. Large amounts of CO can overcome a person in minutes without warning—causing them to lose consciousness and suffocate. This device is designed to warn the end-user well before the CO reaches a fatal level. The detector’s CO sensitivity is evaluated to UL 2034. Key Features include Electrochemical Sensing Technology - Electrochemical detectors are the newest, most refined CO detectors available and provide the most accurate measurement of CO concentration obtainable. They can take readings from low levels that may be hazardous over long periods of time to high concentrations that present an immediate danger.
Carbon Monoxide Detector Installed $200.00 $180.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Carbon Monoxide Detector Uninstalled $170.00 $145.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Smoke_Detector.jpg Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector
ASC recommends a combination wireless photoelectric smoke and heat detector that trips when temperatures reach 135º F. Ideal for difficult to wire locations, situations where room aesthetics are critical or where hazardous materials exist, this smoke and heat detector provides the ultimate in installation flexibility.
Smoke and Heat Detector Installed $175.00 $150.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Smoke and Heat Detector Uninstalled $140.00 $115.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
5890pi_pr.jpg Wireless Motion Detector
ASC recommends wireless motion detector that comes with the convenience of pet immunity. Using Split Zone Optics technology, this motion detector ignores pets and other animals up to 40lbs., while continuing to detect even crawling intruders. The motion detector provides a 35’ x 45’ (10.6m x13.7m) coverage pattern and has up to five year battery life
Motion Detector Installed $175.00 $150.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Motion Detector Uninstalled $115.00 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
5853_pr.jpg Wireless Glassbreak Detector
Glassbreak Detectors are essential for glass doors and large glass window areas, which if shattered provides immediate access to valuables. ASC recommends Honeywell’ Wireless Glassbreak Detector, which offers uncompromised performance and unmatched false alarm immunity. This device can be mounted on any wall or ceiling within a 25’ range, with no minimum range limitation. The LEDs indicate test mode, alarms and trouble conditions.
Glassbreak Detector Installed $150.00 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Glassbreak Detector Uninstalled $135.00 add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
HoneywellWirelesskeypad.jpg Wireless Key Pad
This device can be used as a Handheld or wall mounted wireless keypad. The device provides almost complete system control capability. The device features raised dome keys and LED for positive operation, Belt clip available, and one 9-volt alkaline battery. The dimensions are 4-3/4" H x 3-1/2" W x 1" D.
Key Pad Installed $100.00 $75.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Key Pad Uninstalled $75.00 $65.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Wireless_System_Remote Wireless Remote
Wireless Remote enables disarming and arming of your security system with one touch of the ON or OFF buttons. The wireless remote also features silent panic alarm button that delivers rapid response from local police department, if your system is monitored by ASC. Wireless remotes give you personalized control of the security system, the added convenience of controlling lights, appliances and garage doors and the security of knowing that emergency help will arrive with the touch of a single button. A Wireless remote is an easy-to-use personal protection device, which you can take anywhere you go. The wireless remote makes your wireless alarm system much easier to operate and provides an extra level of convenience, comfort and peace of mind that you will really appreciate. Wireless remotes consists of four completely programmable buttons, User replaceable, and long-life lithium batteries and Recessed keys. The dimensions are 2.25" H x 1.5" W x 0.5" D.
Remote Installed $100.00 $75.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif
Remote Uninstalled $75.00 $65.00 On Sale! add_to_cart.gif  view_cart.gif